The special spirit of traveling

Imagine yourself sitting in your office chair, staring at your computer screen, pecking at your keyboard, checking the time, get a cup of coffee, repeat. Let’s face it, the craziest thing you did today was trying your coffee with no sugar (or with 10). You’ve got a routine, this place is familiar, you have to […]

Why I love McDonals for traveling

McDonald’s, a great American institution, a place I lovingly referred to as the “The Golden Arches” when I was a child. Truth be told, I never really go to McDonald’s. However, when I visit another country it is almost always a required destination. Free Wifi I don’t really have to explain how useful this is, right? […]

Bad weather memorys

Sometimes the best thing is bad weather. Why? I’ll admit it, I love traveling because it gives me stories to tell. A story is something I can tell my friends, my family, a stranger and no matter how it goes I really enjoy telling them. Going through a difficult or uncomfortable situation brings people closer. […]