Get free E-Books for your travel trip

I’m not going to get into the debate between books and ebooks because that is irrelavent to me. In my humble opinion, ebooks are the future. For the traveler, I think ebooks are essential. The advent of the ebook means we can pack a small library of books anywhere we go, packed into one device, whether that be an ereader, smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Since ebooks allow you to bring as many books with you as you want, without the physical limitations of weighing you down, there’s nothing to keep you from loading up your device with loads of them… except maybe cost. However, theres a great resource that the digital age has made most of us, or at least ME, largely forget about, the library!

When I was younger and wanted to stock up on books to read, I could head to the library and check any book out for free, as long as it was available. But things have changed! It’s a new age man! And libraries have finally begun to evolve too.

Use OverDrive to Find A Participating Library Near You

Use Overdrive on almost any device imaginable

OverDrive is a global digital distributer of ebooks and audiobooks.  Their OverDrive Media Console works on everything: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and even Windows Phones as well as pretty much any ereader you may own. 

All you have to do is head over to OverDrive Search and input your zip code. From there you can select the library nearest to you. The OverDrive network is massive and there’s usually a great chance there is a participating library nearby.

Some libraries allow you to check out your ebooks online and transfer them to your device. They will be counted as checked out on your library account and you’ll have to check them back in when your lending period is up. Still, there are some backwards libraries that still require that you walk into the library and check them out in person.

Many of us grew up checking out free books to read but OverDrive gives us the option to move this process into the digital age. If you’re looking to download free ebooks and get around the limitations of checking out and checking in your books, Project Gutenburg is an awesome resource to use for classic books and novels that have been digitized so you take as many as you want on the road with you.

Reading was the first way I learned to travel through my imagination and it can still take me places that I can’t physically travel too. Now, more than